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Consultancy - Environmental Impact Assessment

Certain activities or planning developments  are subject to environmental impact assessment.  These plans and projects subject to EIA are listed in the Decree of the Flemish government of December 10, 2004, establishing the categories of projects subject to environmental impact assessment (Belgian Law Gazette 17/02/2005).  It is based on the precautionary principle and the principle of preventive action.  In the environmental impact assessment, the environmental impact on several aspects such as soil, water, human, flora and fauna are studied, discussed and evaluated in a scientifically sound manner.

These activities (plans and projects), which could possibly be dangerous for the environment, have to be evaluated at an early stage, can be adjusted and subjected to softening measures.  This enables preventive action. 

Some examples of projects subject to environmental impact assessment:

  • Quarries of an area larger than 10 hectares
  • Integrated chemical installations for the production on an industrial scale, for example for base chemicals, …
  • Intensive poultry or pig farms
  • ...

The initiator can write a reasoned request for exemption to the authorities for certain projects.  If this request for exemption is approved, it is not necessary to draw up an EIA.

Examples of projects for which a request for exemption can be written:

  • Scrap storage
  • Projects for urban development
  • Smelting of ferrous metals
  • ...

Examples of plans subject to environmental impact assessment:

  • Spatial Implementation Plan (SIP)
  • Particular Plan of Construction (PPC)
  • ...

The initiator can first submit a “request for consultation” (screenings note) to the authorities for an SIP, in which  the possible environmental effects of the plan are estimated.  Depending on the recommendation of the authorities, an EIA plan will have to be drawn up or not.

MAVA can offer a broad knowledge and experience to draw up environmental impact studies.  We offer the following total package of activities related to EIA’s:

  • Preliminary investigation for the EIA obligation
  • Layout and coordination of the EIA plan
  • Layout and coordination of the EIA project
  • Request for derogation
  • Request for consultation
  • Nature test
  • Feasibility studies
  • ...

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