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Urban planning - Urban planning

By means of the structure planning process, the urban bottlenecks, needs and requirements on the territory of a town, a province or a region are analysed, enabling the drawing up of a vision and direction for the urban planning policy.  This is then finalised by a selection of concrete measures to realise the proposed policy in the coming years. All these points are laid down in an urban structural plan for the town, the province or the region.

To reach a sound, substantiated and complete structural plan, it is necessary to know the territory well.  However, a strong basis of analysis and preliminary study are also required.  To draw up the structural plan, a thorough urban vision, uniting the different interests within the territory in an acceptable manner, is required.  We are at your disposal for the process of the urban planning, the additional processes and studies.

Urban  implementation plans, both the old generation (SDP’s – special development plans) and the new one (SIP’s – spatial implementation plans), define the purpose and prescriptions of well-defined zones.  Urban implementation plans are the appropriate instrument to apply the territory’s urban planning vision.  Territorial or sectoral SIP’s, demarcation processes, a company’s SDP or a company’s SIP following a planning certificate, …  We offer you the expertise of our urban planners for all these types of spatial implementation plans.

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