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Urban planning - Planning guidance

Urban structure and implementation plans, sectoral SDPís (special development plans), partial studies, strategic projects, Ö in every town, there is at least one planning process pending.  Due to the specific terms and procedures, it is often not easy to find the correct way to proper involvement when your site is part of one of these planning processes.
When you are faced with a specific planning process, MAVA can assist you with a thorough analysis and explanation of the consequences for your company.  This enables a timely and knowledgeable reaction which will optimise your business interests.

When your company is located in an assigned zone different to what is expected or when the situation changes due to planned extensions, a creative and tailor-made solution will be found.  Obviously, miracle solutions do not exist.  Changing the assignment of zones,  planning certificates, sectoral SIPís (spatial implementation plans) or SDPís, permit applications outside the appropriate zone, Ö We evaluate all these possibilities with our customer to find the best result.  You can rely upon the fact that for nearly every situation with diverging assigned zones, a solution is on hand!

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