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Urban planning - Analysis and certificates

More and more, the planning situation of your site is a defining factor, not only to obtain your planning permit, but also for the delivery of your environmental permit.  Nowadays, you can be faced with Flemish development plans, SDPís (special development plans) or regional, provincial or municipal implementation plans (SIPís).  Not to mention urban structure plans or different adjoining demarcation processes (flood areas, VEN areas, Ö).
It is not surprising that in time, you are not sure anymore about which protocol and procedure are applicable.  Therefore, every application is preceded by a thorough examination of the plans applicable to your site, enabling an optimal anticipation of your requirements.

After analysing all parameters and preconditions, an urban development application can be drawn up.  You can rely on MAVA for smaller works, as well as for ground usage allocation works, technical works or larger construction works.  We can draw up the required plans and a motivated application for your building or expansion plans, to ensure a smooth receipt of a correct and complete planning permit.

A proper green screening around the site is increasingly addressed in applications.  Nowadays, more and more companies realise the advantages of a proper green zone around their site.  Sometimes, for certain construction works or developments, a well thought-out final plan and a future use plan have to be provided as well.
The urban planning department has the necessary expertise and experience to draw up a realistic solution for every situation and every zone, for example for the optimisation of the green buffer or the future use plan for a very large quarry.  You can always rely on us.

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