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Soil - Realization

A soil investigation starts with clarifying the history of the site. This allows the identification of the activities which have taken place on the site and which pose a possible risk for soil contamination. Based on these risk locations and a dedicated sampling of soil and groundwater procedure, a first impression of the presence of contamination is obtained. When a contamination is observed which indicates a possible considerable risk for human and/or environment, a further in depth investigation is necessary. This then will charaterize the spread of the contamination, both horizontally and vertically. After a thorough risk analysis, in most cases with the help of scientifically approved models, it can then be decided if a remediation is necessary.

If a remedition is inevitable, the different options are elaborated in a remediation project, evaluating also the economical impact of the different available technologies (ex- and in situ). For complex problems, a pilot scale study can be designed and implemented.

After discussion with and approval of the governmental organisation(s) involved, the remediation works are coordinated by our specialists. Hereafter a further follow up (without active measures) can be necessary to rule out a possible rebound of the contamination.

This whole process, from site investigation up to the coordination of remediation works can be performed by MAVA. Due to the availability of in house drilling expertise with specialized equipment, flexibility and close planning can be guaranteed.

Upon simple request, our specialists also can indicate if also you have an obligation to perform a soil investigation according to the local legislation, and can make you a price offering. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have further questions.

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