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Consultancy - Transport of dangerous goods

Many organizations are involved, to varying degrees, with the transport of dangerous goods.
This transport should always comply with ADR ( road ), IMDG (sea), or IATA (air).
Organisations involved in transport or related activities of loading, unloading, filling or packaging of dangerous goods exceeding in total 50 tonnes per year, need to have a safety advisor available.  This mandatory requirement is detailed in directive 96/35 EU.  MAVA provides guidance to organizations on how to comply with the ADR, IMDG or IATA regulations.
Amongst others the following services are offered:

  • External safety advisor for road or air transport of dangerous goods. (all classes expect class 1 and 7)
  • Support to internal safety advisors
  • Training of employees
  • Support with specific tasks (for example: definition of procedures, )

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