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Consultancy - Environmental coordinator

Since 1995, the Flemish decree on the internal company environmental care is effective.  As a result, many companies, basically, all class 1 companies except a few exceptions, have to appoint an environmental coordinator. 

The tasks the environmental coordinator has to carry out by law are extensive:

  • contribute to the development, the introduction, the application and the evaluation of environmental friendly production methods and products
  • supervise the compliance with the environmental legislation, for example by regularly investigating and controlling the relevant business processes
  • ensure the emission measurements
  • maintain the waste register and ensure the waste reporting; make waste prevention proposals
  • contribute to internal and external communication related to the environment
  • draw up the environmental annual report

It is also important to point out that the environmental coordinator is liable for the proper execution of his/her tasks and that he/she has a duty to follow a continuous education program.  The position of environmental coordinator should not be underestimated, nor in terms of content nor in terms of responsibility.  External support can greatly assist with these obligations.

In this regard, we can offer you a total service.  This could be assisting an internal environmental coordinator (employed by the company), with the emphasis on an advisory role, or we could take over the tasks of the environmental coordinator completely, possibly including the responsibility/liability.  In this case, we would act as external environmental coordinator for your company.

The aim is to build a long term commitment, with a recurrent environmental screening of your company.  This would include the validity of certifications, the terms of the  environmental certificates, waste (prevention), emissions, planning issues, etc.  We would also take care of  the annual obligations (waste reporting, water charge, groundwater extraction, annual environmental reporting, ).  During the periodic site visits, the points of attention are discussed with you, with a view to possible solutions to your specific situation and conditions.  As you can see: we can provide a custom-made service.

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