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Services - Water

Until recently, the availability of water was considered unlimited in industrialised countries. Nowadays however, a growing awareness exists for a proper and dedicated water management. This is the result of a continuous increase of the price of water both for the acquiring and draining of water, and of the accompagning legislation. MAVA has definite expertise available to solve every water issue, on a technical level as well as on a legal or administrative level.

MAVA provides guidance on all possible projects, going from a very specific problem up to the general management of your water chain. We advice companies which have to decouple from the public sewersystem, or companies who drain waste water. Clients can be provided with a dedicated water balance, indicating where in the production process the main usage is concentrated and where possibilities for reduced usage are possible. When standards for dischanging are exceded, the possible cause is examined, allowing a source related approach. If this is not possible, end-of-pipe solutions are presented.

Other services:

  • water audits
  • proof-of-concept studies for the re-use/infiltration/use of rain water/...
  • guidance and advice for the construction of an installation for the purification of waste water
  • solving existing problems with waste water purification installations (dimension, efficiency, ...)
  • follow up of discharges
  • monitoring of groundwater extraction and quality
  • follow up of administrative obligations
  • advice for:
    • discharging of waste water
    • discharge standards/emission border levels
    • (de)coupling with sewersystems
    • certification of zero-discharging
    • good housekeeping en BAT
  • water remediation plans
  • improving the quality of process water

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