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Services - Certification storage tanks

Given the risks for soil contamination, the storage of (dangerous) liquids in above or underground tanks is more and more coupled to stringent conditions. A thorough and periodical check of the tanks is essential to allow a problem free exploitation. Our experts have certified several thousands leakproof tanks.

The aim is to detect possible leaks in an early stage, so that contamination can be avoided or kept under control. With large and/or prolonged leakage, almost always a (mostly costly) remediation is necessary. The test itself is fairly simple and based on ultrasound. By placing ultrasonic detectors in the storage tank (one in and one above the liquid) and by applying a moderate vacuum, the smallest leaks can be ultrasonically detected. Also other tests can be applied (eg. pressurized testing), in cases when the storage tank is not easily accessible. For above ground storage tanks a leak detection test is not necessary, and the procedure is more limited. After the test, a "certificate of conformity" is made up and the tank is "marked" which allows the supplier to check if the tank is still ok before it is filled. For privately owned tanks used for heating, MAVA is working together with gasoil suppliers in order to provide their customers with this service. Several thousands of tanks are certified by our specialized technicians. Our clients are also notified well in advance when a follow up test is required. Do you want your storage tank to be checked? By filling in the form below you can ask for an appointment, or you can download here a request form which you can mail or fax.

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